A new proactive strategy to reduce organizational attack surface

Freeze rips your data away from the brokers that jeopardize your operations and reputation.

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The High Cost of Data-driven Attacks

A cybersecurity failure will permanently strain the financial and operational stability of your business

These attacks result in substantial financial losses, damage your reputation, require extensive time for recovery, and disrupt everyday operations.

Immediate monetary loss

Direct costs like ransom payments, plus indirect costs such as lost revenue and reduced productivity.

Eroded customer trust

Loss of clients and investor confidence, impacting long-term business relationships.

Prolonged recovery process

Time spent investigating, repairing, and upgrading systems, taking away from growth activities.

Business operation interruptions

Diverting resources to breach response, leading to operational delays and halted initiatives.
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Security is personal

Freeze protects your employees to defend your organization

Attackers don't just rely on data from the dark web. A massive, ever-growing set of personal data about your employees is legally available in an open market.

Threat Discovery

Freeze relentlessly scours the industry for companies selling data that puts your organization at risk

Employee and Family Protection

Freeze repeatedly directs companies to exclude your employees and their families from data sales

Complete Audit Trail

Freeze keeps a detailed audit trail of all interaction with data sellers

Instant Protection

Freeze begins acting as your agent without delay, preventing data sales right away

Fast Configuration

Freeze learns about your organization quickly by integrating with your employee directory

Monthly Reporting

Freeze delivers reports of its actions and your organization's health every month.

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