is the First Data Privacy Solution that Stops Data Brokers From Selling Consumer Data at Scale

With growing consumer demand for stronger data privacy and identity protection, Freeze acts on behalf of subscribers to protect and give control back to consumers.

BOSTON, Mass., November 15, 2022 - There are over 5,000 data brokers - individuals or companies - that actively collect, sell, expose, and leverage consumer data and insights that increase consumers' security risks. To combat this and give them back control of their data, launched today as a first-of-its-kind subscription-based data privacy agency that protects and controls consumers' data privacy and identity at scale. Freeze combines the power of automated technology and deep industry knowledge of who these data brokers are - and how to find them - with relentless persistence to achieve data privacy compliance at scale.

In today's highly connected world, it is nearly impossible for an individual to completely remove their data from data brokers and companies. Data brokers obtain consumer data in several ways and find value in all types of data. From purchasing it from other companies, to collecting from public records, apps, social media, and free services, to leveraging public information and through "fun" online surveys or other seemingly harmless activities, data brokers are putting consumers' information at risk. As their data is frequently sold to and repurposed by other brokers and companies, and even carelessly managed, an individual's chances for identity theft, fraud, phishing attacks, and other security violations like personal information becoming public, increases with each transaction.

"Every year, we spend tens of thousands of dollars to support revenue streams for hundreds of companies. Yet, these companies buy, and often resell, our data with complete disregard for data privacy," said Domenic Perfetti, co-founder and CEO at Freeze, Inc. "Consumers need to know that the companies they spend their money with respect their privacy and are diligent with how they use their data. Unfortunately, individuals demanding a change in how companies currently manage data fall on deaf ears. Freeze acts as an agent for consumers, combining each individual's demands into a powerful collective voice from thousands with a clear demand to stop selling their data or outright delete it, unless they have consent. At the same time, Freeze wants to help companies find the right ways to be compliant to properly store, manage, and use consumer data. Our goal is to help both consumers and companies better protect valuable data overall."

For some companies, it's a matter of understanding how to be "compliant." Working together, Freeze helps companies through the process of better handling consumer data whether placing data on "do not sell" lists or removing the data completely. "As a data company, TrueData is committed to providing our customers with the most accurate, privacy-compliant, data solutions," said Jon Durkee, COO at TrueData. "Our relationship with Freeze means that we have the knowledge to be more efficient in dealing with data removal requests because they operate at scale and understand the nuances that go into this combination of business and technology."

The amount of time, resource, and capital required to successfully remove data from data brokers and companies is insurmountable. Freeze dedicates thousands of hours to not only reach out to and follow up with data brokers and companies for its subscribers, but also identify new companies that may have their data today.

"Some companies have systems ready to handle a low volume of automated do-not-sell requests, but we can't make a dent in the data trade by just picking the low-hanging fruit," said Rich Garfield, co-founder and CTO at Freeze, Inc. "Companies are willing to comply, but they're not prepared for bursts of emails containing vague demands from individuals or data privacy companies that conduct outreach through automated processes. Freeze reaches deeper into the data market by developing a variety of bulk delivery mechanisms with clear instructions that ease compliance for buyers and sellers."

As more data brokers and companies hear from Freeze, the public will see which companies take action to show that they value and respect their customers' data. And for those who refuse to act or do not respond, Freeze will continue to follow up, find new ways to contact them, and demand a response that ultimately protects its subscribers' data.

Freeze was created and founded by Big Data, Security, and Technology veterans Domenic Perfetti, CEO, and Rich Garfield, CTO. Their decades of experience in the data privacy sector brought Freeze to life as a solution for modern day consumers to fight against data brokers and companies who do not value their data privacy. subscribers pay $60 per year to protect themselves and can sponsor family and friends for an additional $30 per person annually. As Freeze subscribers, they will know that their data is actively being stopped from being sold by companies or outright deleted. For more information or to become a subscriber today, visit

About Freeze, Inc.

Companies sell data, Freeze stops them for you. is a subscription-based data privacy agency that protects and controls consumers' data privacy and identity at scale. Created and founded by Big Data, Security, and Technology veterans, Domenic Perfetti, CEO, and Rich Garfield, CTO, they bring decades of experience in the data privacy sector to help the modern day consumer stop data brokers and companies from putting their data privacy at risk.

For more information or to become a subscriber, visit

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